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Game Guide (In dev..)
Attack & OffAttack System
  • Command /attack: This command enables the auto attack of your character, to activate it you must look in the list below, the command corresponding to the skill of your PJ.

  • Command /offattack: Once you have enabled the /attack command, you can proceed to use this command, which will disconnect your account and leave your character attacking automatically.

  • IMPORTANT The Elf does not use the /attack command, since it has the option to use the MuHelper (Z) together with the /offattack command.

Command Description
/attack evilEvil Spirit (SM & MG)
/attack infernoInferno (SM)
/attack stormIce Storm (SM)
/attack twistingTwisting Slash (BK)
/attack swordslashSword Slash (MG)
/attack powerslashPower Slash (MG)
/attack giganticstormGigantic Storm (MG)
/attack birdsBirds Skill (DL)
/attack cadenasFireburst (DL)
/attack forceForce Skill (DL)
/attack rstormRed Storm (SUM)
/attack chainChain Lightning (SUM)
/attack dloreDragon Lore (RF)
/attack pshotPhoenix Shot (RF)
/attack rblowerRing Blower (RF)